Catching Up to Get Started

Bison2After six kms of gravel off The Summerland Highway we turned into Aranyani Bison Adventure Park at 5.30 pm on Saturday 10 October and were greeted by Jason who guided us to our campsite.
More to come on all things Aranyani, as they are becoming supporters of The Burrow.




Tipis1After a chicken and mushroom risotto two weary travelers retired for the night to the shrieks of a couple of peacock and a chorus of kookaburras. A faint sound of tom toms drifted across from the tippis where a group of visitors were spending the night.



Sunday was spent having a wander around the property and meeting the bison. The herd here is the second largest in Australia and the property is self-sustainable.






Tipi & DD

My earlier reference to things sometimes becoming unravelled will be summarised here as my condition rapidly deteriorated and saw me admitted to Casino Hospital and then by ambulance to Lismore where I was diagnosed with Salmonella food poisoning. I was discharged on Saturday 17th a shadow of my former self and as weak as a kitten.

Dawn has managed well back at the farm with 70 km drives to visit me. Special thanks to Damen, Shannon and family at Aranyani for your care and support, and for extending us the extra time on your lovely property at no cost.
Sunday morning saw Dawn with 99% of the packing up to do and we headed across to Yamba for a week or so of much needed R&R. It was an interesting experience crossing the Clarence River by ferry at Lawrence.
Calypso Holiday Park welcomed us after having deferred our stay and we will extend here until I am fully fit again and The Journeys of The Burrow continue.

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