The very beginning

The Burrow signThe Journeys of The Burrow really began in September 2014. It was then that we decided to sell up to survive. Putting our home on the market set us on course, or so we hoped, to be able to take to the highways and byways of Australia and join the grey nomad throng.
For almost a year no-one was interested in buying and then in mid 2015 we met Minka Jenkins. We reappraised our position and went to auction, selling shortly afterwards. Thanks Minka.
A month or so later and our search for The Burrow and a suitable chariot bore fruit.

Emu Creek CampSetting up was followed by a 4 day trip to test out all systems and resulted in our raising the van approximately 200mm by switching the springs to above the axles
Our home for next year or more is a tandem axle 22 ft Jayco Wesport with ensuite, awning and annex. Solar power and an extra water tank enable us to camp off the grid in 3 to 4 days stretches.
We are very comfortable and very happy.

Sometimes Journeys unfold and on other occasions they simply unravel!!
Saturday 10th October 2015 saw us leave the Sunshine Coast headed for Myrtle Creek in northern NSW and Aranyani Bison Adventure Tourist Park.
The going was slow on the Pacific Motorway south and we pulled over at Logan to find that the van brakes were hot.
Thanks to Terry from Mobile Caravan Repairs at Ormeaux all brakes were adjusted correctly and we were on our way again.

Getting close to our destination, Bruce, out trusty Tom Tom navigator, decided to take us on a short cut.

Many kms of winding narrow and hilly road with nowhere to turn around.

Thankfully an open paddock presented itself and we backtracked and eventually reached Myrtle Creek.The Burrow

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