North from Port Lincoln


The weather has turned much colder with rain squalls and drizzle as we left Port Lincoln and drove up the coast to Louth Bay where there were a couple of sites in the 5 site camp. We convinced ourselves that we wouldn’t enjoy fishing in the cold and wet. As the forecast was for more of the same we headed straight to Whyalla and a good camp overnight behind the Weeroona Bay Football Club.


We were given a friendly welcome and a lovely farewell with a package of home cooked goodies for morning tea on the road.




We enjoyed it all on the way to The Brinkworth Travellers Rest which was good value at $12/night for power, water, wc and shower. We had a restful few days there and enjoyed walks around the historic railway town and surrounds. The nights were cool at 4 degrees but the days were lovely.





May 5th saw us on our way to Renmark where we set up at Plush’s Bend on the Murray. It is a truly lovely spot and for the first time for a while we were able to eat outside as it was nice and calm. Plenty of birds here with V formation of some 50 or so pelicans flying over, plus swamp hens, ducks, eagles, hawks, heron, darter, galahs, kookas, magpies, butcher birds, minas, egrets and more. Many of them performing for us as we enjoyed breakfast on the riverbank.


Caught freshwater shrimp in our traps and fished for the rest of the week the our only success being carp and a few scrawny redfin.

We had a good look around Renmark which is very attractive along the riverside.

Our camp neighbor was Gary from the Gold Coast and his dog JB ( Jim Beam). JB enjoyed the carp heads and was obviously a discerning foody as he left the rest of the body.

A drive across to Berri produced our first “Aldi shop” for some time. We relished a lamb roast followed the next night by an Old Sod pie both a la camp oven.

Nights and mornings became quite cold as there were frosts in the area although the days were nice and sunny. We warmed up in the mornings thanks to the warmth from our gas oven for 20-30 minutes.


From here we head into Victoria to camp again on The Murray at Psyche Bends near Mildura