Kalgoorlie/Boulder and then The Nullarbor

We arrived in Kalgoorlie after a brief rest stop in Coolgardie on the way.

After a good wander around Kalgoorlie and Boulder we extended our stay here in the hope of getting a parcel from Sydney which had not arrived after allowing 10 days.

The Superpit Gold Mine is an amazing site with 3.5 klm of open cut mine. The view into and over the pit is extraordinary. With decades of production still ahead it is beyond comprehension that our government is going to allow the Chinese to buy a major share in the mine. Although with everything else they are selling to them what is one more nail in our national coffin?

The old ghost townsite of Kanowna, north of Kalgoorlie, was where we spent some time prospecting for gold. The only metals we dug up were bits and pieces of all that remains of the town of over 12,000 people and 16 pubs here back in the day.

The cemetery has graves from the 1800’s with the last burial there in 1925.

The character of Kalgoorlie and Boulder has been well retained with the original and refurbished frontages to the pubs and stores. There is still one remaining  brothel in Kal. and there are topless barmaids in some of the pubs.




10/04/2017 We were driving out of town after an early morning shop when the Post Office rang to say that the parcel had finally arrived!!



We drove back to pick it up and the headed for Norseman where we refuelled and headed to our first camp across the Nullarbor, Fraser Range.


At the western end of  unique wooded area the size of England, Fraser Range Rest Stop looked out over a salt lake.

Departing at 8 am we topped up with petrol later at Balladonia,  and drove the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, 146.6 klm. Baxter Rest Area, 67 klm west of Caiguna, was our next overnight camp. We set up the BBQ and after dinner retired early with a full moon encouraging a pack of dingoes. They were howling not far away from our camp. We had heard them before in the Northern Territory and north WA but not as many as we heard here.

Putting more klms under our belt we spent the next night at Mundrabilla, behind the roadhouse. It was only a short hop the next day to Eucla. A police car, travelling west, did a U-turn and pulled us over at 9.15 am for a breathe test as part of the Easter blitz. We spent 2 nights at Eucla and visited The Travellers’Cross Memorial and The Eyre Memorial.

Sat 15/04 saw us over the border and into SA but not before another breathalyser. Photo stops along the way included the coastline and cliffs of the Great Australian Bight and Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Arriving at Nundroo, we had to book in behind the roadhouse for 2 nights as Ceduna is booked out until Easter Monday.  Nundroo amenities are an absolute disgrace, run down and filthy. The place is run by third world immigrants and they haven’t forgotten how they lived there. The only thing  going for Nundroo is the cheapest fuel across the Nullarbor.










We called in to the windmill museum at Penong where locals have restored many windmills including the largest in Australia.





Dingoes’ Lair hole on Nullarbor Golf Course

Ceduna was a breath of fresh air on Monday. We could stay only one night in Ceduna as they were booked out from Tuesday onwards until the end of the month. School holidays and a couple of caravan clubs had the town booked out.

Next we head down the west coast of the Eyre Peninsular in SA.