Wagin and onto Kwolyin Camp near Bruce Rock

Booked into the Wagin Caravan Park for 7 nights and with a mix of fine and showery days with temps up to 31 deg we have visited local parks, walks and the Big Ram, Baart.

We walked part of The Wait-Jen trail alongside Lake Parkeyerring and drove out to Puntapin Rock.

Another thunderstorm produced an influx of mozzies most of which we left behind when we set off for Kwolyin Camp via Narrogin where we shopped and re-fuelled on our way.


Arriving at Kwolyin ghost-town site we were greeted by a thousand flies and a warm afternoon. Bruce Rock council have done a good job here with flushing toilets and good camp facilities with a 72 hour maximum free stay. We enjoyed some good walks around the camp area and also The Railway Walk, Granite Gardens Walk and Cathedral Rocks. Staying here has inspired another poem which tells a bit more about this place.


A myriad stars light the dark canopy, twinkling, now the only lights over Kwolyin,

A town bereft of buildings here to see, with eyes straining in darkness to peer within.

Here and there a broken slab remains.

Remnants of a golf course tee lookout on growth regenerated where fairways once were plains.

In bush a concrete strip oft heard “owzat he’s out.” 

A footy ground with scrub fed by rains, overgrown, lost evidence of many a cheer and shout.

A nondescript grave site, with a few laid to rest in their beloved Kwolyin, looks out of place.

Close at hand an overgrown railway also at rest, its rusting rails and rotting sleepers losing pace.

Some denied the lifeblood water and a railway barracks, which saw the town displaced.

The arsonist’s burning of the pub where Kwolyin town here once had pride of place,

Now left to the bush to steadily reclaim its own.

But for a sign or two none would have known.

Carved from the bush

It returns to the bush.

March 2017 © TCD

Leaving here we drove across to neighbouring Shackleton and photographed Australia’s smallest bank building before heading through Bruce Rock to Merredin where we had a break and small shop.