The House Sitting Continues

We have enjoyed the month of January and early February house sitting firstly at Bullsbrook and then at Mandurah.

Our time at Bullsbrook was on an acreage property looking after Muz and Covy, two ducks who loved their afternoon “escape time” fossicking around the gardens and lawns. Watering was our main responsibility while there as it was hot and the lawns, gardens and young trees needed a good soak every few days.


A couple of our regular little visitors were Splendid Fairy Wrens and Silvereyes.







A visit to Yanchep National Park was great and on a relatively cool day we had some good walks which have been lacking lately.


Dawn fully recovered from her cat clawing and now has both feet approximately the same size!!.

We each had skin checks in Midland and I had the usual dozen or so bits burnt off.

Our hosts at Bullsbrook, Peter and Sue, were away overseas and we left just before they arrived home to look after Sue’s cousin’s place at Mandurah.

 They came down for a day while we were there which was lovely. Peter paddled out in his kayak with a number of drop nets, and was much more successful than we had been in landing a nice feed of blue manna crabs.





Mandurah was more watering and giving the daily feed to the local magpies, butcher birds, ibis, bronze-wing pigeons and twenty eights, plus some tucker for the fish in the pond.

Di’s gardens had to be seen to be believed as they were unexpected tropical gardens in a dry sandy environment. Her husband Barney runs a trike tour business in the Swan Valley. Our last few days there saw some light rain and the gardens said their thanks.







A visit to Fremantle saw us catch up with Dawn’s friend Lynne who will be meeting us in Gracetown at her son’s beach house.

Through our  house sits we have made some lovely friends who have opened their homes to us. It has been a joy to look after them.

We have headed a little further south to Gracetown which is close to Margaret River and will make our stay here the topic of the next post.

Internet connection has been very patchy via mobile and difficult to upload photos so the blog has run behind schedule and some photos will have to wait to be shared.

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