Christmas and New Year in The Avon Valley



Our time at Church Gully Alpacas at Coondle has been a pleasant stay and we knew the way when we arrived at the fork in the road.




With 14 alpaca to feed daily plus 12 hens and Brewster the rooster, our house sit charges have been Mintu and his sister Rahni who are two Burmese cats. Two pet kangaroos, Tiannan and Trevor were also keen to eat the alpaca muesli and the occasional apple or three. They were visited by Oscar, a big buck roo plus an equally big unnamed challenger  to his domain.



chrissy-hamWe enjoyed a quiet and food filled Christmas on the farm and were invited to spend New Year’s Eve with the next door neighbour Lyn and her father Wally and some friends. We bailed out at about 11 pm and awoke the next morning to a warm New Year’s day.

We have experienced several 40 deg plus days at Coondle and have been grateful for the air-conditioning.

It has been a good opportunity to catch up on minor maintenance jobs in The Burrow and to get the Chariot serviced and a wheel alignment done.    Thanks Daniel for our Chrissy present!

We had a trip to Midland for some shopping and also drove the round trip through Northam, York, Cunderdin, Meckering  and Toodyay back to the farm.








P1100789Meckering Earthquake Memorial Garden

Having spent time in Cunderdin in 1968 it was interesting to see the changes and growth over time.

On 9th Jan 2017 our house sit owners, Cath and John, returned from overseas and we packed up and headed for Bullsbrook via Northam Hospital. Dawn has been clawed by Mintu and her foot was swollen and infected.

After a 4 hour session at the hospital and a body full of antibiotics we picked up scripts in Northam and arrived at Bullsbrook late in the afternoon.

We are looking after a farm here until the end of January and then will move on for another house sit for a week in Mandurah before heading south to Busselton and beyond.


Brewster the rooster is no goose and certainly no turkey,

Even though he wakes us up at around about three thirty.

With 12 girls in the henhouse it’s a cry for help we hear,

As Brewster crows his morning call of “Get me out of here!”

“I need some help in here” he calls with much a do

Followed by a plaintiff plea of “Any cock ‘ll do!”

Some rowdy cackling then is heard across the Coondle hills

As Brewster’s girls all stir him up and magnify his ills.

Coondle. Dec 2016 © TCD

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