Nambung Station Stay

Drove via Jurien Bay and Cervantes to Nambung Station where we received a warm welcome from the manager Sonia, and set up camp for 5 days. The weather was warm and windy for all but our last day when we took the tour with Sonia to The Painted Desert and The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park.

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On the trip across the station we encountered kangaroos and emus and arrived at a part of the park which is accessible only from the station side. It was a memorable and informative visit thanks to Sonia who has a lifetime of knowledge about the area and its flora and fauna.















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Our time here inspired another poem and I will let it do the talking:

Nambung Station Stay in WA

So come to Nambung Station

Where stars fill the night time sky,

Where Brian musters his merinos

With a dog with a very strong eye.

There is a big fat cat at Nambung,

Big Boo is truly his name,

His mate is a dog called Tilly,

She was born out in the rain.

The alpaca are Barney and Fee

And their cries make Sonia’s day,

As some of the crew that lives here

At Nambung Station Stay.


There’s a quarter horse called Goldie

More brown really than roan.

Keeping company with alpaca

Really makes him groan.

Beside him in the next paddock

Two goats for him to enjoy,

As Billy and Nanny are dancing

Like The Wild Colonial Boy.


The pet sheep are Ewe and Wether

And they didn’t come very near,

Due to respect for a bull named Nelson

Whose bellow causes them fear.

He comes from the stud Waterloo,

A solid lump of a boy,

Whose mate  Half Nelson too

Is also a bull to annoy.


Donkeys Jenny, Jaffa and Kelly

Are ready to make you aware,

That they love a scratch and a cuddle

And some ruffling of their hair.

There are Carnaby’s Cockies and parrots,

Shingleback lizards there too,

Plus a Western Longneck Tortoise

Brian will bring to show you.


Take the tour to The Painted Desert

With Kangaroos seen on the way,

Old man emu with little ones fleeing

As they rapidly raced on their way.

Sand dunes and pinnacles are amazing

With words so few to describe,

And we say a thank you to Sonia

For taking us all for the ride.


So spend some time at Nambung

And enjoy the shifting sands,

Plus a different view of the pinnacles

Amidst unique expansive lands.

Learn of native flora and fauna

And learn to rest a while

Right here at Nambung Station

It’s certain to make you smile.





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