Port Hedland , Cleaverville and Dampier

Wednesday 7th September and we travelled to Port Hedland where we camped at the golf club for a night on power to re charge everything.

p1100133We shopped at Sth Hedland and explored the port area watching ships being loaded with iron ore. The ore trains are over a klm long and road trains are everywhere. Quarries and mine sites abound and we passed a large hill of salt being pushed up by a bulldozer.




Thursday and we were out of here with morning tea at Peawah River and then on to Cleaverville, near Roebourne. This was a recommendation from Dave and Heather from Hervey Bay, who we met at Cape Keraudren. The drive into the beach after passing through Roebourne is 11km of dirt road, which except for a few heavily corrugated stretches, was pretty good.

p1100149We found the caretaker and paid for 4 nights, setting up camp in the sand dunes with many others. Re-met Steve and Greer from Cape Keraudren ( ex Mooloolaba).

Our midgie bitten bodies were looking forward to a bit of respite here and other than a few sand flies it wasn’t too bad.



p1100142The beach is beautiful and on the drive here we passed roadsides covered in Sturt Peas, plus there were pink, yellow, purple and cream flowers everywhere. The dunes here are covered in parts with flowers.

Sadly, our fishing here was unsuccessful. However we enjoyed walks along the beach where there are stones of many colours including some small white ones which may make a good bracelet later. This is week 3 of our trying the 5 and 2 diet and we have shed a few kilos each and both feel better for it.



A walk up the dunes behind our camp revealed some more flowers and a great view.

Ian and Marg from Maryborough were here also and joined us for drinks and nibbles. We saw a turtle swim past as we fished and there were whales out at sea.

p1100175There was a beautiful sunset on our last night.




p1100179Dampier Transit Park was our next stop. We had intended staying for 3 nights, but the council had hiked their fees with no improvement to pretty basic facilities, so we made it 2 instead.

Ian and Marg turned up here also and camped beside us.

This is “Red Dog”country and we visited his memorial


Dawn had another kidney stone attack and we wound up at Karratha Hospital. Everything settledp1100181 down and tests and scans subsequently showed that the stone/s were gone.








We drove out to NW Shelf oil and gas project and looked through the information centre including a DVD on the project which was very good.

The igneous rock piles here are very interesting and similar formations are found only in Ireland.


Drinks and nibbles with Ian and Marg followed by roast lamb dinner.

Next stop is Robe River.


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