Continuing Westward

Wed 17th August. We broke camp at Spring River at 7.30 am and headed for Halls Creek to re-fuel. The road into The Bungle Bungles was closed due to fire to we continued west.

Rock formations on either side of the road were varied. Some were evenly layered sedimentary rocks, some fragmented and yet others smooth and weathered boulders.

Halls Creek had no Autogas and so for the first time we filled the jerry can as well as the tank. LPG has been available in a patchy manner since leaving Adelaide and there were many places where their pumps were closed as it costs more than petrol. There are no more supplies of LPG until Broome.

p1100003We reached Larrawa Station, about half way to Fitzroy Crossing, at 11.15 am.

There is a flat open camp area near the homestead with limited shade.

We managed a nice spot near 2 small gums as there were not many in the camp.

Wendy came around in the evening to meet and greet and collect camp fees.




The next few days were spent relaxing and exploring with a one and a half hour walk to Christmas Creek and back.


At the only small water hole we put up a large grey kangaroo.

The termite mounds here are large heaps amongst stunted scrub and spinifex.p1090989






p1100006 p1100008


We also walked to a sunset viewing hill and photographed the changing colours of a rock escarpment further back on the station.

Larrawa is one and a half million acres and during our stay the owners went to a bull sale at Fitzroy Crossing and returned a couple of days later with a truck load of bulls.


p1100015The station supplies road workers with water for their tankers                                                                                                                                                                 and in return get their access road graded, which happened while                                                                                                                                                       we were there and gave us a smoother drive out to the highway on Saturday 20/8.





Saturday saw us at Ellendale Rest area where two of the grader teams pulled in, with their fuel truck and accommodation trailer in tow.

The sunset and Sunday’s sunrise were good ones as we set off for the run to Broome.p1100031



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