Headed for Broome

Wed 3 August. After a restless smoky night at Wangi Falls we were up at 6am, and on the road at 8am. Re-fuelled ourselves and the chariot at Batchelor and headed south on the Stuart Highway.


We had a visitor in the camp

A good run saw us through Katherine and on the Victoria highway heading west. We camped overnight at Vince Connoly Crossing and met Dennis and Colleen, sharing experiences, drinks and dinner.

roadhouseA short drive on Thursday saw us at Victoria River Roadhouse camp. After setting up we drove to some local NP sites and found the gate to Coolibah where my late brother Richard used to leave his car, when working on Bradshaw Station. The next day we enjoyed a couple of local walks including down to the old bridge over the Victoria River. camp





















Our expectations of a quiet day went out the window when Dawn developed acute abdominal pain. Using the Roadhouse phone we contacted the bush nursing station at Timber Creek and the drove the 97km. A thorough examination and link up with Katherine Hospital revealed kidney stones as the culprits. After 2-3 hours the pain and nausea were under control and we drove back to Vic River dodging ‘roos and arriving at 7.30 pm.

We had roadhouse burgers for tea and will have more tests done at Kununurra  when we reach there.

Sat 6 Aug after a pain free night, we set off after brekkie and passed through Timber Creek again on our way to The Zebra Rock mine near the WA/NT border.








Driving in to the Zebra Rock Mine nearly shook us to bits and we lost about 2m of waste water pipe and fittings from under the van. We set up in a bush camp setting after a warm welcome from the owners and staff.

gallery-1Sunday was a cool morning but with a brilliant sunrise. We looked through the camp gallery at all the Zebra Rock items and local history. Had a walk and fossick along a creek bed and had dinner under a fly net to try and avoid the ever present little black fellas. We are eating or freezing food that will not pass border quarantine in a few days time.

gallery-2 dev-tea

Monday we walked the perimeter of the camp and between 4pm and 8 pm went on the Sunset Safari which was excellent. There were crocodiles everywhere and many birds, including jabiru and cape baron geese. The sunset over Lake Argyle was a beauty and after wine and nibbles on the bank of a creek we returned in the dark to a hot meal of fresh fish and chips a la Zebra Rock Mine.p1090803p1090796p1090868p1090890p1090893




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