Farewell to Darwin

I wrote these notes in Kununurra, our first time with web coverage since leaving Darwin. They have remained unpublished due to weak connections since then.
Sunday July 31st saw us packed up and hitched by 9 am. We were unable to awaken Krystal and Chris, our house sit owners, to say goodbye, so we hit the road for Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park. Very grateful to have good steering again in the chariot.
We stopped at Batchelor for a banana and iced coffee arriving at Wangi at 11.30 am. Filled out our check in envelope and set up in a nice partly shaded site which was one of only 5 left in the camping area.







After lunch and an ice block from the NP café we joined the throng in the pool below the waterfalls. What a beautiful spot with clear cool water. With the aid of our trusty noodles we swam out to under the falls. On a 35 deg afternoon it was very refreshing.
The birdlife was abundant and we saw and heard many different species including an owl. Our other camp visitors were a couple of wallabies, one with a tiny joey on board.P1090693
Mon August 1st. The camp is nice and quiet and we had a good sleep and looked forward to the day’s walks and swim.

The treetop and loop walk up and across Wangi Creek above the falls saw us each in a lather of sweat when we returned after an hour or so walking. There was a lot of smoke and one of the NP walks was closed due to wildfires in the area.
We took a run out to Tolmer Falls which drop into a large inaccessible plunge pool. On our return the fire had reached the road. A motorhome ahead of us was forced to almost stop as a variety of raptors were swooping onto the road selecting dinner from the smorgasbord of small creatures fleeing across the road.


P1090707 P1090724







Tuesday August 2nd we drove to Florence Falls lookout for a great view of the twin falls and plunge pool below.

P1090725 P1090729








A refreshing dip followed at Buley Rockhole which is series of rock pools linked by small waterfalls decending down the creek.

magnetic-termite-moundOn the way back to camp passed the magnetic termite mounds we turned into a 4wd track leading to The Lost City, an area of rock formations resembling deserted buildings. After 8km on the 10 km drive we met a driver coming out who had been turned back by the ranger who was clearing the area as the track would be cut that day by another fire. We bumped our way out again and after lunch at Wangi camp enjoyed a final swim under the falls. Another wallaby visited for a while in the evening and enjoyed some dry leaves close to us.
It was a cloudy, smoky and warm night as we anxiously anticipated our drive out to the main highway the next day.

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